The rules to become listed...yes, even fanlistings have rules, but they're few and easy so please read them carefully before joining.

  1. You must be a fan of Zell Dintch, pretty obvious, isn't it?
  2. Supply a working email address and your country of residence. Email address is SPAM protected and can also be hidden.
  3. Use your first name (without last name) or nickname if possible. Please avoid nicknames like xoKittyBabyL0v3sAvr1lxo, Harry Potter or something similar. I retain the right to change the name if I think it's inappropriate.
  4. If you own a website and you want it to be listed grab a code and keep in mind the following things:
    • The website has to be yours and currently working. I won't list your URL if you type, this fanlisting's URL or such other sites.
    • You must put the code up before or right after submitting the form.
    • Do not direct-link, if you can't save the image to your own server use a text link.
    • Any kind of offensive material is forbidden (i.e pornography, racism, homophobia...) so only your email address will be listed.